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Art Experiences
Creative art classes for children in grades K-3
Summer Camp programs available

Studies have shown that art lays the foundation for successful learning. Through art, children practice problem solving and critical thinking skills, enhance their observational, spatial and analytical skills, discover and appreciate multiple answers and points of view, build confidence and persistence, expand their curiosity, advance their fine motor, communication and social skills, and so much more.

Susan Stein has developed the Art Experiences program to increase the creative and critical thinking skills of children through art. We take art class a step further, capitalizing on your child’s growing interests and abilities. Projects utilize a large variety of materials, incorporating history, culture, new skills and techniques in an inspiring, nurturing, small group environment. Mind expanding games and open ended puzzles such as Jeopardy and tangrams are mixed into our classes for additional right brain expansion opportunities.

Through creating art and playing fun thinking games, children will learn to examine, brainstorm and try new things – activities that promote innovative thinking and allow children to see new possibilities in all areas of their lives. Creative children grow into creative adults who will bring new ideas and solutions to our ever-changing world.

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Art Experiences
Mondays or Wednesdays 4-5 p.m.
Temple Emanu-El Art Studio

Class limited to 10 children.
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Teachers – Principals – School Directors

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  • Arts Integration into your daily schedule
  • Guest Artist In Residence
  • After school enrichment program
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